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Refer your friends to Total Xpression and you'll get 15% of your friend's purchases as a referral bonus for spreading the love! PLUS your friends get a discount off of retrail pricing tooAND it's FREE TO ENROLL!

Your Referral Bonuses are paid immediately at the time of your referral's purchase. Referral Bonuses are paid to you in the form of X Dollars. X Dollars spend like cash with Total Xpression, so you can use them towards your future purchases of XO. The more people that you refer, the more X Dollars you have the potential to earn! There is no limit on the number of referral's you can have!

Simply send your referral's to your TotalXpression.com/YourURL webiste, instruct them to click on the Enroll link and viola - you now have your frist referral! Repeat the process by sending your URL link to your friends and family in an email, post on your Social Media sites, print up some business cards and you're on your way to earning X Dollars and eventually getting your XO FOR FREE!

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